4WD Across the Sahara by Peter Travers, Murray Gough

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4WD Across the Sahara

4WD Across the Sahara Peter Travers, Murray Gough

Published January 20th 2014


Kindle Edition

116 pages

Three New Zealand friends confronting middle-age set out to explore the world and the great sweep of people who inhabit it. A 4WD journey across the Sahara to West Africa - sights and adventures from one of the world’s most colourful overland routes. For travellers, 4WD enthusiasts, and armchair adventurers. Greyscale, 34 photos, most full page. [A colour edition with more photos, plus video links, is also available (What the Hell Are We Doing Here!)]

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Peter Travers, Murray Gough

  • Peter Travers, Murray Gough

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  • 4WD Across the Sahara

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